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Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank You! –

At HugglePets we think its time that we give all of our customers, supporters and visitors a massive thank you for all the support you’ve given us throughout this whole year. We have come so far this year as your local pet store and we thank you for all the constructive feedback you leave so that we can make the shop better for everyone in the community and all of our pet lovers, we have also grown our social community on such a massive scale this year; finally reaching 1,500 likes on Facebook, 203 Instagram followers and 1,309 followers on Twitter.

As you can tell it has been a very successful year for HugglePets both in-store and online but that is all down to the continuous help and support from you all, we are now working on starting our own pet grooming service called “Huggles Pamper Lounge” and to show that we actually mean our thanks we are offering everyone that wants to get their pet groomed, we are giving you 25% off your first groom and one lucky winner will be given a free groom!

The next year is looking very exciting, with the new services we are bringing and the store is changing every day for the better, so we ask that you continue to give us your loyal support and giving us that feedback so that we can keep all of you happy and satisfied.

Why not visit our social media pages where you can ask for more information and keep up to date with updates. Facebook, Twitter, or why not come in-store and have a look for yourself.

PGO Building
Cooper Street


  1. alan jones says:

    lovely place friendly staff
    didn’t realise they were there until early this year when I started purchasing my live foods for my bearded dragon (belle) also had the pleasure of using there boarding service for belle when we went on holiday
    really happy with the service and will continue to give my custom for the future

  2. Fantastic service. The lady was lovely (even though I completely messed up the ordering process!) and was so helpful in sorting everything out for me. My order arrived very quickly and I’m very happy with the product. I would definitely recommend Huggles.

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