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The Bilston Road Closure

The Bilston Road Closure

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The Bilston Road Closure

The Bilston Road Closure –

This blog is to inform all of our customers about the impending closure of the Bilston Road.
The Bilston Road will be closed from Monday 12th June 2017 for a 6 month period due to work being carried out on the Midland Metro track. The road is due to be closed between the Priestfield lights up to The Royal.
The work is aimed to finish and the Metro service should be back in service by Christmas 2017.

What does this mean in relation to visiting HugglePets?

If you are travelling from Wolverhampton nothing will change. You will still be able to travel from Wolverhampton towards Bilston during the entirety of the works.
If you are travelling from Bilston then the A41 will be closed into Wolverhampton for the duration of the works, but don’t worry, we have a quick and easy diversion shown below. ( Many of us here actually use this way as we find it easier than turning off the main road)
If you would like a map or help with directions just ask a member of staff who would be happy to explain the route and give you a copy of the notice.

How will this affect road users?

From Sunday 11 June, there will be signed diversions in place for road users travelling to Wolverhampton. Diversions will be via Stow Heath Road, Willenhall Road, and Horsely Fields. Road users will still be able to leave the city of Wolverhampton along the A41 (Bilston Road) for the duration of the works.

Will I be able to walk?

If you are a customer that walks to us pedestrian access will be maintained for the duration of the works. A walking route is available for those who wish to walk between the City Centre and Priestfield.

Will the tram still operate?

During the works, the Midland Metro tram service will operate between Priestfield and Grand Central, Birmingham. The Midland Metro tram service will no longer serve Wolverhampton St.Geroge’s and The Royal from the end of service on Saturday 10 June 2017 for the duration of the essential engineering works.
If you would like to read any more on our blog just click here.
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