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This Winter, Budget Right With These Bargain Pet Goods!

This Winter, Budget Right With These Bargain Pet Goods!

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This Winter, Budget Right With These Bargain Pet Goods!

With how things are the moment, we know that a lot of our customers might be struggling to make ends meet. Everything seems to be getting more expensive, but our pets still need to eat, have a comfy place to sleep, be clean and groomed, etc. So, we at HugglePets wanted to present some of our budget-friendly products and options, because we don’t think any pet should go hungry or cold this winter.

You Take the High Wattage, I’ll Take the Low Wattage

There’s truly nothing worse at the moment than opening up a big energy bill, and if you’re a reptile keeper then all that extra lighting required to keep your vivariums lit might just add some extra dread to opening your post.

But we’re very pleased to say that all of our vivarium bulbs from Exo Terra and ProRep, like the Exo Terra UVB100 Compact Lamp for £27.99 or the ProRep Green Jungle Spotlamp for just £5.49, are energy efficient – meaning that they’ll use the least amount of power possible to keep your vivariums lit, and your reptiles happy.

And don’t forget that with something like the HabiStat Reptile Dimming Thermostat for £56.85, you’re in control of how much energy you’re using in your vivarium too. So, there’s a bunch of options to streamline your setup and save money in the long run.

Catit Scratch Fever

For growing kitties and hungry cats, a tasty and nutritious meal is nothing but the most paramount of importance. And with Catit, you’re getting all of that in an affordable and authentic package.

And what’s great is that with the Catit range, there’s a bunch of ways to feed your cat with tantalising tastes and textures. The £1.29 Fish and Chicken Dinners, for example, are a complete, dual-layered wet food made of the finest fresh ingredients – high in protein, free of grain, and a great meal for your feline.

The Divine Shreds, also in Fish and Chicken, are an excellent way of adding flavour, texture and moisture to your cat’s dry food diet. And for £1.19 a sachet, you’re getting a rich and low-calorie meal without breaking the bank.

Finally, when dinner time’s over but you still feel like spoiling your purrfect friend, there’s the Catit Creamy Cat Treats, which are all-natural lickable treat that are easy to use and lovely to eat. What’s great is that these tubes come in a pack of 15 for £6.59. See how our friend Inez and her cat enjoyed the Creamy Treats here!

We’ll also be doing a giveaway of a Catit Creamy Gift Jar on Instagram and Facebook in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for a great prize worth £18.99!

Hay Jude

If your house is a home to small animals, you probably find yourself in need of new hay (y’know, after your hamster or rabbit has munched through all the old lot!).

The good thing is that all of our hay is sold in bulk packages of 2-4kg, so by buying in bulk from us, you can save a bit more in the long run.

Like the 2kg bag of Pettex Compressed Hay, currently sold for just £4.09! It’s not only a comfy bedding for your smaller, fluffier pets, but it’s also a nutritious thing for them to chew on in-between meals.

Additionally, don’t forget to ask in-store if we’ve got any bags on offer!

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Bug’s Life For Me

Heading back to the reptilian realm, let’s talk about food for the scaly critters.

You might be used to picking up a few boxes of bugs from us every now and then, but we’ve got an extra-special deal on currently to help out reptile owners in these difficult times.

For a limited time only, pick up 5 boxes of bugs for £10 when you visit us in-store!

O-Fish-ally Cheap

And when it comes to aquariums, we’re fortunate to stock a variety of fish food brands to give our customers plenty of options when purchasing for their aquatic buddies. One of our best brands for shoppers on a budget is King British, which manages to achieve affordability while still boasting no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in their products.

For those into goldfish, the King British Goldfish Flake (With IHB) is a complete food made in England to a unique recipe that includes a special Immuno-Health Booster. It’s suitable for goldfish but a whole other host of coldwater fish and only £12.50 for a 200g tub, so consider bringing some of it into the tank this winter.

If you’re looking for something a bit more general use, there’s the King British Tubiflex Treats, a food made from river-dwelling worms which are then harvested and freeze-dried to retain flavour and nutritional value. Not only are they suitable for all aquarium fish (including turtles and terrapins), but it emulates the type of food that these fish would choose to eat in the wild.

Finally, if you’re feeding tropical fish, take a look at the King British Tropical Fish Flakes, a food which provides a complete and balanced diet for all tropical fish. Pick up a 55g tub for just £6.25!


In these difficult times, looking after our furry friends and scaly sidekicks becomes a challenge – we want the best for them, but it’s not always possible to spend a lot when other concerns can take priority. Hopefully with this helpful guide, though, you’ll be in a good position to care for your beloved animals this winter.

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