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Top 3 Gifts You Could Get Your Dog For Valentines Day!

reading time: 7 minutes

Valentines Day is fast approaching us, we are all scrambling to get our loved ones a special gift in time for the big day. But the truth is, HugglePets is here with the step guide to help you get the best gift for the one and only love of your life, your pet.  For years we have catered for every pet, every colour shape and size, but today in this blog we are going to give you only the best, hand selected products that fit the needs and wants of your family friends.

We are going to kick this blog off with the mans best friend, the dog. Dogs are wonderful, aren’t they? The care for dogs may seem intricate and hard at first, but the truth is, if you have a bowl full of healthy food, a nice warm bed and loving hand to pet and cuddle, you’ve already stolen the heart of many dogs.

The main way to anyone’s heart, man or dog, is through their stomachs! Giving your pups those meaty or veggie, chewy or crunchy, full of flavour treats is the perfect way to gain your pet’s trust, along with a loving hand of course. Here at HugglePets, we offer a range of treats that can be the perfect equivalent as a box of chocolate for your loving furry friends, less toxic mind you.

We have those meaty onesveggie ones, crunchy ones and the chewy ones. We have the big treats, small treats and the treats that are just right for all dogs!



When thinking of gift number 2, what else does your furry friend like doing? SLEEPING! Here at HugglePets, we are here to help give your pet the best nights sleep they have ever had! Please find our top 3 rated beds, below

3. In the third place, the Rosewood 40 Winks Grey Jumbo Cord Plush BedSoft and cosy padded grey cord/plush oval sleeper with a soft, luxury plush inner. Stylish and also modern for today’s home. 


2. In the second place, the Ancol Joint-Ease Memory MattressThe Joint-Ease Memory Mattress features a thick memory foam crumb cushion for superior support.

1. In the first place, the HugglePets Sheepskin Washable PetBedIn a lovely Dove Grey colour, the beds are cosy and soft also with thick deep edging, slip-resistant backing.

All dogs, love, toys. From puppy stages to the elderly dogs, all dogs love having a toy to play with. Without going into all the science behind it, dogs brains are stimulated better once they have played with toys. Here at HugglePets, we have a range of toys that fit each age range of your dog. Find our list below.

For puppies and the early period of a dog’s life, something they can chew and bite into is something that is best recommended by all pet retailers and vets! If your dog learns at an early age to bite their toy, with strong discipline, they will learn that biting other things such as shoes, sofas and wires is a bad thing. We have a few offers for those who have recently had a puppy;

KONG Puppy Teething Stick – This Puppy Teething Stick is perfect for a puppy’s mouth. Exclusive Denta-Ridges™ gently clean teeth and also soothe sore gums when chewed.

Ancol Animal TugsThe Animal Tug is the perfect toy for dogs who like to play tug of war. 

Ancol Small Bite Plush LambAvailable in Purple and Blue. Soft and cuddly plush lambs that holds scent, great as a comforter.

For junior dogs, adventuring and find out new things are important. Toys with textures, holes or knots are the best option as they leave your pup stimulating the brain but also allow them to find out new textures whilst testing their instincts. We have a few toys available, such as;

KONG Barnyard Knots – The realistic feel of the knotted rope skeleton satisfies a dog’s natural instincts for long-lasting fun.

KONG Shells Bear – Dogs will be intrigued by the tough outer ballistic shell encased in flexible spiky nubs, which also fulfil chewing instincts while cleaning teeth and gums.

Trixie Knotted Playing Rope – This cotton mix rope toy with knots is perfect for exciting games of tug or fetch with your dog! The material of the toy surely promotes dental hygiene.



For elderly and older dogs, it is important that the dental hygiene that they have gained in puppy and junior years is maintained. Toys that are strong and also give brain stimulation are important. But also keep in mind the age of some elderly dogs, some just enjoy a plush teddy!

Trixie Plush Llama – The Trixie Llama is a fun cuddly toy for your dog. Made of a nice, soft plush which also makes it great as a comforter.

Ancol Plush Knitted Rhino – Multi-textured, plush knitted rhino with a squeak.

Ancol Super Ball Dog Toy – Ancol Super Ball is a rubber ball stuffed with a plush tail – two great textures!

All of the suggestions above are based on our personal opinion. If you have any questions, please do contact us via our email. We also have our social platforms, keep up to date with those for updates on products, livestock, events and more.