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Top 5 Tips to Outdoor Pond Maintenance

reading time: 4 minutes

Spring is around the corner, and it is welcoming new beginnings as we speak! The weather is developing and slowly but surely getting warmer. This meaning that fish pond season is a blink away!

In this blog, we are going to discuss the top 5 tips you should start to consider for your pond maintenance.

Ponds are starting to come to life, plants are starting to grow and fish are beginning to come round from their winter break. There are a few things you could to make the seasonal transition a little easier on your fish friends outside!

Our first and most important tip for your outdoor pond maintenance is to the clean out your pumps and make sure your water cleaning system is still all clean and ready to go. Your filters should also be cleaned out. Your filters should be flushed out to help remove any bacterial growth and fungus. This is common within the filter sponges. We recommend that you add a filter bacteria booster that can help the denitrifying bacteria to start producing as the warmer weather develops. We recommend the King British Safe Water Filter Aid+. King Britsh Safe Water Filter Aid+ helps break down and remove harmful substances – produced by decomposing food, fish waste and plant debris. Although it strips out the harmful substances it also helps improve the more friendly substances resulting in clearer, cleaner water.

Another tip that we recommend for pond maintenance is that you start pruning your plants around your pond. Start by cutting away any dead leaves etc. You should start to trim away any dead branches and flowers slowly. Making sure to be careful to not cut away any fresh growth.

Once you have cleaned the visible side of your pond, you should consider cleaning your pond a little bit deeper. Silt and dead leaves would progressively become a problem if you leave them during the warmer weather. You can sometimes fix this issue with a net, by sweeping the pond floor. However, for bigger and tougher jobs, we do offer a pond vacuum kit here. We recommend the Laguna Pond Vacuum Kit as it allows you to clean the debris and waste from the bottom of your pond. It also offers you changeable heads for you to be able to clean and scrub the pond for cleaner and clearer water.

The fourth and most common fix to outdoor ponds is your UV. You should check that your UV is still working correctly. The glass tube will need a good clean down to allow the clarifier to work efficiently. Be careful as the glass tube can be delicate and can be difficult to replace if broken. Be sure to check all seals and replace the bulbs every Spring. This resulting in your UV clarifier working at its full capacity when you need it most. We recommend the Blagdon MiniPond Green Water UV Clarifier. The Blagdon MiniPond UV Clarifier works by clumping smaller particles of algae together to make them bigger particles allowing them to pass through the filtering system which makes it easier to be strained by the filter media. This UV clarifier is known for creating clearer waters quickly and effectively with results lasting permanently.

The final point and most obvious tip is to check your fish. Check your pond fish are healthy and get any issues or damages treated if required. Your fish will be starting to eat again, so use this time to check that your pond fish have come through the winter ok. You should clarify that you are using a good winter/spring transition food that your pond fish find easy to digest. At least till your water temperature is stable. We recommend the Tetra Pond Wheatgerm Sticks or the Tetra Pond Sticks.

The Tetra Pond Wheatgerm Sticks are a suitable solution for the pond fish during the winter season. The sticks are suitable for pond fish, as they are easily digestible for pond fish when the water temperature drops below 10°C.

The Tetra Pond Sticks are a suitable solution for your pond fish as we start getting into warmer weather. The sticks are easily digestible for fish when the water temperature is above 10°C.

Both Pond Sticks offer ideal maintenance for your pond fish’s diet. It will provide them with energy to help with longevity and overall health.

For any more help regarding your pond’s transition from winter to spring, contact us on Facebook, email or call us on 01902 494 860 to speak to a member of staff.