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What Your Choice of Pet Says About You

What Your Choice of Pet Says About You

Many animal experts say that the pets we have are representative of our own individual and unique personalities. So with that in mind, read ahead to see what your pet might say about you!


You’re a person who enjoys a comfy yet adventurous lifestyle. You’re not afraid of a bit of mess – in fact, you revel in it! Socialising comes fairly easy to you, and most trips outdoors result in a conversation or exchange with a new person. You’re a loyal friend to those who matter, and your heart is often described as too big. Life has always seemed a bit too short for you, so you’re determined to live every day to the fullest.


People often describe you as introverted or one for peace and quiet. Sure, the outdoors is nice, but not nearly as nice as cuddling up in the warm with a good book and a furry companion on your lap, right? You’re a logical thinker with a slight penchant for stoicism, but that doesn’t mean you’re a party pooper by any means. And Halloween is a personal favourite holiday for you, we’d wager.


You really liked Bambi growing up.


Something about the heat and the desert speaks to you, spiritually. Or maybe you think that because ‘lizard’ rhymes with ‘wizard’ that owning one makes you a wizard (it doesn’t). Either way, part of you likes having a rainforest creature residing in your home as it gives you a glimpse of the larger world, a world that you’d love to discover one day.


You’re someone with a fascination for the minute aspects of life. Also, you probably like to live in the moment. Colourful tubes going around your house sounds like the most fun thing ever, and you have a childlike spirit that’s not going away anytime soon. People have told you to enjoy more mature hobbies, but you just don’t care. You’re an en-tube-iast.


A part of you yearns for tranquillity and a peaceful way of life. You’re the first to ask if there’s a pool or beach nearby when travelling somewhere, and you’re fine with some healthy personal distance. Meditation is part of your daily schedule, but you also enjoy a spontaneous day of exploring a new place every now and then. Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food is your #1 choice of ice cream, but you swear that it’s purely coincidence.

Turtle or Tortoise

You really liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles growing up.


Your imagination is truly unparalleled. Extroverted is the word you’d use to describe yourself to new people, and they’d probably agree with you! You often have dreams about flying, but to where? Who knows. Either way, life to you is about having a free spirit and never being caged for too long. You might have a deep desire to set yourself free. Or you might enjoy the company of a talkative parrot.


Horror is almost definitely your favourite film genre, and your other interests tend to stray to the gothic. You’re also a fan of Halloween, but you’re more of a makeup artist than a pumpkin carver when the end of October comes a knockin’. You’re not taken aback by things that are hairy and move fast – you might also like rugby. Something about the dark and the creepy side of life speaks to you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like something cute and furry every now and then.


The rural farm life has always appealed to you. Plus, you prioritise function over form and like the idea of an animal companion that can also provide for the family. You like a bit of John Denver. Scratch that, you love a bit of John Denver. Loud noise makes sense to you, and you like the hubbub of the outdoor world. If someone puts Chicken Run on, you grab the tissues.

Bearded Dragon

You watch The Lord of the Rings at least six times a year, and the Extended Editions too. British mythology is real, you insist, and at its heart the mighty dragon. You’re a regular at Dungeons & Dragons, and heavy metal finds its way into your playlist every now and then. You like your personal space, and therefore nothing that’s too clingy. You’re a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, after all.

Guinea Pig

Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. That’s your prerogative, and nobody will keep you from it. Plushies just don’t do the trick for you, although you’ve definitely got some old favourites tucked into bed most nights. You’re a sensitive soul and like to look out for others, especially those who can’t always look out for themselves. And when life gets a little stressful, you like the simple comforts to make a bad day better.

Horse or Pony

You may also watch The Lord of the Rings multiple times a year, or alternatively, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. A walk in the park just doesn’t sate your appetite – you want to gallop with mighty speed through the unfettered majesty of the countryside, and you want to do it in style. Classic literature clogs up your reading list, and you’ve been eyeing a renaissance fair for a few months now.


We can say with utmost certainty that you were sorted into Slytherin on the online Hogwarts quiz – and as such, cunning, determination and ambition are natural traits of yours. You like to give off scary or sinister vibes, even if a lot of it is just talk. You aren’t a big fan of mice, presumably. But above all else, you fight to disprove unfair stereotypes about those who are misunderstood.

Frog or Toad

You really liked The Wind in the Willows growing up.


A hectic and energetic lifestyle is the one you were born to live, and you’re always rushing off after someone or something. Even if you couldn’t play Three Blind Mice on the recorder very well as a child, it connected to you on a much deeper level. You may have been referred to as short or petite in the past, but you take pride in your small stature if so. After all, who doesn’t love an underdog?


Exactly the same as mouse, except you really like Ratatouille.


You’re something of a nonconformist, and you appreciate the little things in life just as much as the big things. You’re also happy to let others get on with their own thing while you just sit back and observe from a distance. This might make you seem standoffish, but it doesn’t faze you. Sounds of crickets chirping don’t strike you as a symbol of boredom either.


A monotonous life is not the one for you, and you’re never in one place for too long. Sitting still is for those with less things to do and more time on their hands. Some might describe you as ‘sneaky’, but you’re just in a rush to see as much of the world as you can, while you can. Also, you loooooooooove to sleep.


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