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Your New Kennel’s Calling!

Your New Kennel’s Calling!

The cold and miserable winter has finally ended, and we at HugglePets have sprung into spring with an eye on all things outdoors! The sunshine is appearing more and more, making us all feel like taking our dogs for plenty of outdoor fun. And what better way to maximise the fun of doggy playtime than a kennel to give them their very own space in the garden?

If you’re new to dog owning, or just never took an interest in outdoor pet furniture, then you might be wondering what its function is. But the beauty of a dog kennel is its versatility:

  • Provides a secure enclosure to keep your dog safe from dangers like wandering off, encountering wild animals, or traffic.
  • Helps to prevent your dog from chewing furniture or digging in flowerbeds when left unattended.
  • Functions as a dog’s own little den – place to relax and feel secure.
  • Provides access to the outdoors while offering protection from the elements.
  • Can help with house training by creating a clear distinction between the dog’s living space and their elimination area.
  • Can be used as a safe space during crate training, creating a positive association for your dog.
  • Contain toys and bedding to prevent them being scattered across a clean garden.

So now you know what makes kennels the kings of outdoor pet furniture – but which to buy? So many choices, so many colours, so many styles… and only one important dog.

That’s where the HugglePets range comes in.

This model, simple yet solid, is a great all-rounder that’ll give shelter to your pooch while resembling an unbeatable classic. Did we mention it comes in two colours?

And if you’re looking for something a bit more avant-garde, this one has a raised base which is ideal for muddy environments or situations that require a bit of a foundation to get the party started.

We put a spin on things here and decided to add a feature perfect for days with good weather – a hatch window, along with sliding vents for fresh air. We can only imagine what it’s like being a dog inside of a kennel on a hot day, but we’d hate to think of them being uncomfortable.

And if you want your Chihuahua to feel like a BMW parked in the garage, then take a look at this beauty with a removable door panel! Perfect for if it’s a really nice day and your dog wants to zip in and out.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll ever see your dog again if you buy one of these kennels, as they may never want to leave it. But we can guarantee that you’ll be bringing a bit of peace and happiness to their otherwise blissful existence.

Find the whole range in-store and online now!


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