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Back To School

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Back To School –

Children are going back to school which means the school run is coming back and we all know there is nothing worse than that on a cold wet morning in September! Now that the kids are going back to school you won’t have to go through the trouble of exploring the world for things to entertain them, but now who’s going to entertain Fido?

Your pets are going to get very lonely while everyone is out of the house because there isn’t going to be anyone to entertain them. You can imagine how hard it’s going to be for your little tail-wagger to get used to no one being around anymore But have no fear Huggles are here and we’re going to teach you a few simple tips and tricks to keeping your family best friend entertained at home.

  1. What do dogs love as much as their family? Toys, lots, and lots of dog toys, so treat your dog to a few new toys for him/her to play with throughout the day. Try to vary the types of toys you buy because if you buy 3 balls they will get bored too easily, so mix it up a bit and throw in a Rope Bone or even a squeaky duck, just be sure to hide it when you get back or it will drive you mad! Your pup will appreciate some new toys and in turn, have something to play with while you’re gone.
  2. What do dogs love more than toys? Toys with treats! So we have the perfect toy for you, it’s not a tug-a-jug it’s KONG. The KONG gyro dog toy is perfect for keeping your dog entertained as well as snacked up through the day. The new KONG Gyro is sure to entertain, with an irresistible ‘roll and flip’ action that entices and intrigues dogs. The dynamic center-spinning orb and static outer ring encourage dogs to push, paw and roll the Gyro, delightfully dispensing tasty treat rewards along the way.
  3. One of the most simple but effective options is allowing your dog to watch TV. Putting on the animal channel with barking dogs or mewing cats helps to stimulate your dog’s mind which keeps them from trying to cause trouble around the house.
  4. If you only have one dog at the moment, maybe something you could consider for the future is getting another family member so that both pups can play together but having two of them by themselves means… yep you guessed it double trouble. They could be the worlds cutest tag team ever but they will need all of these other solutions to keep them calm and out of trouble. If there are two of them then they will play all day long until they both grow tired.
  5. To complete our list we recommend scheduling a play date, where you leave one trusted companion with another so their dog and yours can play throughout the day. This is a good way to get your pooch out of the house and it also allows your dog to get used to socialising with other dogs.

To conclude we know that all of these solutions are easier said than done and they will take time to implement but your pup will get used to them. All it takes is a loving owner to dedicate a little bit of time to their dog to teach them some of these techniques. Think of it like this; if you wanted to teach your son to swim, you wouldn’t strip him of his armbands and throw him in the deep end, no matter how troublesome he, is, but it’s the same with your pup, they will need time and practice to get used to it. So hopefully these solutions work for you and hopefully, you come home to dinner at the table and not the brand new cushions.

If you are unsure of any of the information on this blog please feel free to come in store and ask one of our members of staff and they will provide you with everything you need to know or why not visit our social media pages where you can ask for more information and keep up to date with updates. Facebook, Twitter, or why not come in store and have a look for yourself;

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