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Bubbly Tails

A range of dog grooming products to leave pups smelling fresh, looking snazzy, and feeling good.

Baby Powder

A nostalgic, delicate fragrance to leave your pup smelling clean and pristine, and promote relaxation.


A sweet and juicy fragrance, perfect for playful pups (and owners with a sweet tooth). Also has a whitening effect for coats that have yellowed over time.


A fresh, invigorating fragrance to leave pups with a crisp and zesty scent that actively deters bad aromas.


A natural and herbal fragrance, reminiscent of forest-y walks and spa trips.


A soothing and serene fragrance, evoking pure tranquillity and calming fussy dogs.

Summer Fruits

A seasonal and juicy fragrance, enriched with tropical undertones, for dogs who give off summer vibes.

Paw & Nose Balm

A paraben-free balm to soothe and repair dry/cracked paws & noses, promoting healthy skin cell growth and regeneration.