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Chilean Rose Tarantula

How to Care for your Chilean Rose Tarantula

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Chilean Rose Tarantula Guide – Is a Chilean Right for you?

Chilean Rose Tarantula

Chilean Rose Tarantula- Have you ever had a pet Tarantula before? Whether you are a new pet keeper or a current keeper of these unique household pets this guide will give you a head start. Ensure you look after your Chilean with care.

Did you know? Facts

There are in fact two types of Spiders known as Web Spinners and Wandering Spiders. Chilean Rose Tarantulas are Wandering Spiders! These species live on the ground and like to rest and stay protected from predators by hiding under rocks, in burrows and inside tree hollows. The Chileans sensitive spiky hair helps them navigate their way around to hunt and capture prey. Did you know that their legs can grow up to 4- 6 inches in length!

How to handle your Chilean Rose Tarantula?

Chilean Rose Tarantulas are generally observed by their pet keepers with very little handling. Chilean Rose Tarantulas carry a venom substance that is designed to attack smaller prey, if bitten it can cause pain. That being stated you can if you wish, handle your Tarantula, however, it is essential to be calm and confident! If feeling scared or anxious it is recommended you do not handle your Chilean. To handle your hairy bodied pet and to minimise the risks, gently and slowly move your Tarantula onto the palm of your hand with the other. Gently raise your Tarantula out of the enclosure and allow it to walk from palm to palm.

Notice the warning signs! (Do not handle if these signs are shown) 

  • As the first act of defence, a Tarantula will retreat and hide away
  • The Tarantula will show its fangs and rear up on its front legs
  • These species have the ability to kick hairs at those they feel threatened by – this can be painful if targeted

Where should your Chilean Rose Tarantula live?

Chilean Rose Tarantulas originate from the desert regions of Chile. These species naturally live in confined areas. Household Tarantulas live in a small enclosure known as a Terrarium. Keep the enclosure out of direct sunlight and drafty areas. These desert species will require a natural substrate. Tarantulas like to feel safe and secure so it is important to ensure your enclosure has a hideaway for your pet to retreat. It is recommended that a hygrometer  (to check the levels of humidity) and a thermometer (to check the temperature levels)  is within the enclosure and regularly checked at interval times during the day. A heat/light source should be available within the enclosure.

  • Humidity level: 70 – 85° Fahrenheit
  • Temperature level: 75 -80° Fahrenheit

What should your Chilean Rose Tarantula eat?

Chileans are carnivorous species meaning they thrive on a diet supplied of meat. 3 to 5 live foods should be given on a weekly basis.  A small and shallow fresh water dish can be used as a drinking source and as a natural source to help keep humidity levels constant.  

Your Chilean will sure enjoy: (live-foods available in store)


Chilean Rose Tarantula


Chilean Rose Tarantula


Chilean Rose Tarantula

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