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European Pets

European Pets – Did you know?

reading time: 4 minutes

European Pets- Discover 5 power facts from our chosen European Pets!

Portuguese Water Dog- Native to Portugal

European Pets

  1. In the early 1500s Portuguese Water Dogs guarded the boats, caught fish, brought in the nets and even saved fishermen from drowning – You could say they were the fishermen helpers
  2. Portuguese Water Dog’s have a lifespan of 10-14 years
  3. Their fur coat can be curly or wavy and should be brushed on a regular basis – Suppose they’re never overdue a pamper then! 
  4. Have you seen their toes?  They have webbed toes specifically designed to help them swim
  5. They have a multi-octave voice, making their barks and sounds they produce more distinctive.

Chartreux- Native to France 

European Pets

  1. The Chartreux is, in fact, one of three blue cat breeds- Including – the Korat, Russian Blue and the British Blue
  2. Chartreux have a slow growth rate and can typically weigh 6 -15 pounds – You a could small and chunky cat
  3. What a unique breed! Their fur coat comes in one colour – a variation of blue-grey and the tips of their coat are lightly brushed with silver- How beautiful
  4. Guess what! Their fur coat becomes brighter as they mature ranging from glorious textures of blue-grey
  5. Eye see you! Their distinctive eyes range from copper and gold – what a feature!

Blue Tit- Native to Britain

European Pets

  1. Juvenile Blue Tits have yellow cheeks but when maturing to an adult the cheeks are white- they still remain tweety cute!
  2. Juvenile Blue Tits also disperse after around 19 days of hatching- wow that is young!
  3. Blue Tits can reach to around 12cm in body length
  4. They enjoy eating small insects, fruits, seeds and nuts  
  5.   How can you tell what gender they are? Male Blue Tits are generally brighter in colour

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit- Native to Netherlands 

European Pets

  1. Netherland Dwarf Rabbits are one the most popular breeds of domestic Rabbits and one the first dwarf breeds
  2. Male Netherland Dwarf Rabbits are known as bucks, females are Does and juvenile rabbits are known as kittens- hey isn’t that the same well-known name as the little kitty cats 
  3. Female Netherland Dwarf Rabbits can give birth to around 4 to 6 babies producing  2 to 4 litters a year
  4. Can you believe that Netherland Dwarfs have 28 teeth – and Rabbit teeth continue to grow throughout their bunny life- You could say a never ending growth rate
  5. Netherland Dwarfs have variety of different coloured fur coats such as  black, silver, chestnut, chocolate and blue- the list goes on ……….. 

Hedgehog – Native to Spain and Southern France

European Pets

  1. Hedgehogs can live up to 6 – 8 years and are around 4-6 inches in length- Aww there so tiny! Well you know how the saying goes ‘Good things come in small packages’
  2. They are more active during the night also known as nocturnal
  3. They can begin breeding as early as 3 months of age, littering around 2-6 newborn hoglets
  4. You never guess how light an Adult Hedgehog ways ? 1 pound
  5. Hedgehogs hibernate when the temperature drops below 65 degrees 

Hope you enjoyed our 5 power facts on our chosen European Pets. For more Euro style topics check Euro 2016: Pet Toys and Games

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