Otodex Ear Drops 14ml


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Otodex Ear Drops 14ml

Otodex Ear Drops 14ml –

The fast acting formula helps clear wax, relieve scratching and kill ear mites in your furry friends ears and can also be useful for common and difficult to treat bacterium in chronic ear cases.

Contains a wax solvent to remove wax, fungicides and bactericides including antibacterial.

Useful for common and difficult to treat bacterium in chronic ear cases.

The Otodex Eardrops are suitable for all life stages.

Key Features:

  • For Dogs & Cats
  • Fast acting formula
  • Also contains a mild analgesic to relieve pain
  • Clears wax
  • Relieves scratching
  • Kills mites
  • Formulated for pets over the age of 12 weeks old

Contents: 14 ml

Otodex Eardrops are the number 1 selling brand across the UK for ear complaints in your Dogs and Cats.

You should massage drops gently into affected ear once or twice daily for several days.

If condition fails to improve, or if the ear condition is causing any distress, you should then seek veterinary advice.

Seek veterinary advice if symptoms also persist or appear.

Active Ingredients: Phenoxyethanol 1.0% w/v, Chlorobutanol Hemihydrate 1.1% w/w in a Propylene Glycol base.

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