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Greyhound Spa Day

reading time: 4 minutes

On Thursday 8th November, we invited Greyhound Dudley Trust into our salon, Huggles Pamper Lounge. The ambassadors of Greyhound Dudley, Amanda, Deb, Claire, and Lynda and the lucky hounds were all invited into the salon. When the hounds arrived into the salon, they were balls of excitement and we were introduced to Deb and the team. Megan, Emma, and Abi were all in the salon giving them the biggest welcome possible!

 We were introduced to Jake, Falcon, Spider, and Marti. The team told us that Jake and Falcon has a new home together, Spider was moving into his new family in 4 weeks. Little Marti was still awaiting his forever home.

 This was enough for the team at Huggles Pamper Lounge to make each of the hounds and team feel special. We gave each hound a nice soothing bath with our coat shining shampoo. It was massaged into their skin to help with relaxation. We had many chats regarding the hounds and the houses that they are going too. Each hound got a good dry and tidy up, leaving the salon smelling lovely!

We also had Liberty who has become the designated Toy Tester for the dog toys we brought in the salon. Jake very much loved the toys too. We had a fantastic day and we really enjoyed our day with the hounds of Greyhound Dudley Trust.

 We also found out that Marti has been their longest stay in the kennels, he is looking for a new home and in the exclusive to the website interview and promotional video, we would like to show you why Marti is the dog that you should have in your home. Marti loves the attention and the belly rubs, he loves the toys and having all the attention and love available. He is super relaxed and is looking for a nice warm sofa to sleep and dream about doggy treats. He used to be an ex-runner and he still has all that energy now.

 Some things you should know;

  • Marti is going under socialization at the moment and connection with a smaller dog is still a working process. Marti is perfect with other greyhounds, younger and older, but smaller dogs are always a working progress for any ex-running greyhound.
  • He is okay with children. Children above the age of 5 work best with Marti as he is very protective, as we saw with Liberty, Marti likes to keep a close eye on everyone, he is a very loyal boy.
  • He just needs a comfy bed, a loving family and somewhere he can enjoy the remaining part of his life in.

 Here at HugglePets and Huggles Pamper Lounge, we wish the hounds the best! We hope your new homes are perfect!

Please click the following link to find out more about Marti –

 We look forward to seeing you soon, from all the team x


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