Arcadia D3+ Dragon Reptile T5 14% UVB Lamp



Arcadia D3+ Dragon Reptile T5 14% UVB Lamp

Arcadia D3+ Dragon Reptile T5 14% UVB Lamp is a bold, white, full spectrum and very bright High Output T5, UVB projection lamp for captive reptiles.

The lamp represents an almost doubling of light (LUX) and has a CRI of over 95 which will you as the keeper to see your animal in all of its natural glory. Perfect for use with sun loving reptiles in large enclosures. Suitable for use in ProT5 kits and single and twin HO-T5 controllers. Offering a significant increase in both visible light and UV output compared with T8 lamps of similar length.

  • For Desert Species
  • 14% UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D3
  • 30% UVA
  • Produces excellent natural colours
  • 100%+ more visible light than equivalent length D3+ T8 lamp (unreflected)
  • 95% more UVB than equivalent length T8 lamp (unreflected)

The Benefits of T5 Technology –

  • Smaller diameter lamp – 5/8 of an inch (16mm) compared to 1” (26mm)
  • Flicker free – all T5 lamps operate on efficient, high-frequency ballasts
  • High output T5 lamps are especially useful for captive reptiles. The extra power that these lamps provide will help a keeper to generate a good UV gradient and provide safe basking quantities of UV over a much wider and deeper area.

Lamps available:

  • 24Watt, 550mm / 22″
  • 39 Watt, 850mm / 34″
  • 54 Watt, 1150mm / 46″

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