Arcadia ThermalZooPro Lighting Kit


Arcadia ThermalZooPro Lighting Kit

Arcadia ThermalZooPro Lighting Kit is a hybrid heating lighting system for larger at home and zoological enclosures. ThermalZooPro uses the very latest in Arcadia tech to project a usable and measurable basking zone beneath the fitting. It is sleek, stylish, adaptable, dependable, hand-made, linkable, affordable and future proof.

ThermalZooPro has been designed to create a usable flood of energy directly below the fitting. ThermalZooPro has 2 independent heat sources and either 2 ProT5 fittings, or 1 ProT5 and 1 JungleDawn-LED Bar.

All enclosure types require differing lamps to enable us to provide the correct quantity of heat and light for each species. Therefore, ThermalZooPro can be fitted with any heat lamp or 24w HO-T5 lamps to suit. These include; BaskingFloods, BaskingSpots, Halogen Lamps, Deep Heat Projectors, 80w D3 Basking Lamp and Ceramic Heaters. You can use any of D3 6%, D3+ 12% or DragonLamp 14% UV-B to provide correctly for your species.

The ThermalZooPro is both adaptable and future proof, you can easily change the % of UV-B lamp per ProT5 fitting and your type or wattage of heat lamp, but you can also exchange ProT5 for JungleDawn-Led Bar as needed. If you buy a twin ProT5 fitting and decide that you need some extra visible light, you can unclick one of the ProT5 fittings and replace it with a JungleDawn.

Controlled heating, ThermalZooPro has 2 independently switched and plugged heat sources. This means that you can isolate each heat lamp fitting easily and of course run each one through dimming thermostatic control separately.

You can also link ThermalZooPro by simply adding one of our linking cables to run the lighting for up to 3 ThermalZooPro fittings from one power source.

Whats included:

  • SolarBaskingFlood heat lamp
  • Deep Heat Projector
  • 2 x 24w D3 6% UV-B lamp or 1 x 24w D3 6% UV-B lamp and 1 x Jungle Dawn LED Bar

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect for larger enclosures
  • Create a usable sunbathing area
  • Rich in visible light, uv & terrestrial infra-red
  • An ‘all in one’ light and heat option for large enclosures

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Twin 6% T5 – RARTZ1
Jungle Dawn + T5 – RARTZ2

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