Arcadia EarthPro OmniGold 300g

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Arcadia EarthPro OmniGold 300g

Arcadia EarthPro OmniGold 300g is an all natural blend of everything that omnivores need to thrive.

OmniGold has been developed for use with core omnivores such as Blue Tongue Skinks. This all natural and wild-like mix can be fed to up to 80% of the total diet.

EarthPro-OmniGold contains the correct ratio of approx. 50% vegetable/plant, 40% whole meat/insects and 10% Fruits, vitamins and minerals. EarthPro-OmniGold contains natural ingredients that form large parts of the wild diet including snails, Earthworms, Insects, bee pollen and egg that have, to date, been hard to source.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • All natural ingredients
  • Contains a natural source of vitamin A & D3
  • Long life, re-sealable pouch
  • Made in Britain

Feeding Instructions:

Designed to be fed to up to 80% of the total diet. Mix OmniGold wih 2 parts boiling water and allow to cool into a gel. Add more water as per the requirements of your species. Remove any uneaten food daily.


Poultry Meal, Carrot, Mealworm, Calcium, Protein Powder, Shrimp, Celery, Beetles, Locust Bean Gum, Apple, Mineral Powder, Parsley, Silkworm, Dandelion, Dextrose, Alfalfa, Squash, Blood Powder, Snails, Papaya, Banana, Broccoli, Whole Egg, Hibiscus, Earthworm, Vitamin B Premix, Raspberry, Spirulina, Honey, Bee Pollen, Blueberry.


Vitamin B1 10mg/kg, Vitamin B2 16mg/kg, Vitamin B6 20mg/kg, Vitamin B12 50mcg/kg, Vitamin K 6mg/kg, Nicotinic 80mg/kg, Pantothenic 40mg/kg, Folic acid 5mg/kg, Biotin 1000mcg/kg


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