Beaphar Dry Revive Atomiser for Dogs 150ml


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Beaphar Dry Revive Atomiser for Dogs 150ml

Beaphar Dry Revive Atomiser for Dogs 150ml –

The quick and easy solution for ”doggy” dogs.

Freshens the coat without water, leaving it with the fresh scent of Eau de Cologne.

A quick and easy, waterless grooming conditioner for dogs with no need for bathing or using water.

Beaphar Dry Revive freshens your dog’s coat leaving it glossy and smelling fresh.

Size: 150 ml

Key Features:

  • Grooming conditioner for dogs
  • Quick and easy solution
  • Freshens the coat without water
  • No need for bathing or using water
  • Fresh scent of Eau de Cologne
  • Also leaves coat glossy and smelling fresh
Suitable for both long and short-haired dogs.

How to use: Spray liberally over the coat and rub in. Avoid the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Beaphar Dry Revive will also evaporate away to leave your dogs coat dry, sweet-smelling and glossy.

Our pets are not just animals. They are our companions, our friends, our family.

Beaphar believes they deserve the very best care, and so we will always strive to deliver our products to more customers.

We want all pets and their families to then have access to quality, affordable, trustworthy health, care and nutritional products.

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