Beaphar Hedgehog Food 1kg


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Beaphar Hedgehog Food 1kg

Beaphar Hedgehog Food 1kg –

A complete, natural and highly nutritious hedgehog food.

Made from a wide variety of valuable ingredients for hedgehogs. Hedgehogs must be cared for in their own special way.

It contains versatile and valuable raw materials, specially selected for the specific needs of the hedgehog.

The feed also contains a balanced combination of important nutrients and essential natural ingredients such as insects and seeds.

Key Features:

  • Complete, natural & highly nutritious
  • Contains versatile and valuable raw materials
  • Balanced combination of important nutrients & essential natural ingredients such as insects and seeds
  • Available in 1kg

Contents/Weight: 1 kg         How to use: Give as a daily diet

Beaphar strive to help owners to care for their pets by then providing safe, effective and effective products.

Our pets are not just animals. They are our companions, our friends, and also our family.

Beaphar believes they deserve the very best care, and so we will always strive to deliver our products to more customers.

We surely want all pets and their families to have access to quality, affordable, trustworthy health, care and nutritional products.

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