Beaphar WORMclear for Large Dogs – 4 Tablets


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Beaphar WORMclear for Large Dogs – 4 Tablets

Beaphar WORMclear for Large Dogs – 4 Tablets –

Pork flavoured tablets which kill roundworms and tapeworms. To remain worm free adult dogs you should treat every 3 months.

You can use on dogs over the age of two weeks and weighing over 3kg and are effective in one simple dose. You should treat puppies at 2 weeks of age and then every 14 days until 12 weeks old.

Nursing bitches should be treated 2 weeks after birth and every two weeks until weaning.

To remain worm free adult dogs should be treated every 3 months and any sources of re-infestation such as fleas or mice should be removed.

How to use:

  • Read the enclosed leaflet before use.
  • To ensure administration of a correct dose, you should then determine body-weight as accurately as possible.
  • For oral administration, 1 tablet per 10 kg bodyweight.
  • You should give tablets directly to the dog or if necessary given with food.
  • Does not need to be given on an empty stomach.

Contents: 4 Tablets

Each pack contains 4 tablets, enough to treat a dog weighing up to 40kg. Please follow the dosage instructions on the packaging as correct dose will then depend on the weight of your dog.

Beaphar WORMclear for large dogs is an authorised veterinary medicine.

Storage: Keep blister in outer carton. Do not remove tablets from the blister until ready to use. Read the enclosed leaflet for information on disposal. Do not use after expiry date. Discard any unused divided tablets immediately.

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