Blagdon Affinity Living Feature Pools Split Rill Waterfall

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Blagdon Affinity Living Feature Pools Split Rill Waterfall

Blagdon Affinity Living Feature Pools Split Rill Waterfall –

Split rill waterfall to fit Affinity Living Feature pools. Easy to install water feature suitable for Octagon and Half moon Affinity pools.

Split Rill Waterfall is one of two attractive upgrades for your Affinity Pool.

It can be retro fitted to any existing model and uses the Inpond to run. Fitting a waterfall adds further features to the pond.

The gentle tinkling of water is extremely relaxing and also adds tranquility to the garden.

On top of the pleasure you will get, the movement of the water helps to oxygentate the pool, giving your fish a healthier place to live.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to add a suitable water feature to your Octagon or Half Moon Blagdon pond
  • Calming sound creates a tranquil atmosphere
  • Adds aeration to the pool
  • Easy to fit – all the fixings also included
  • Simple to clean

Pack contains: Split Rill waterfall with hose • 1 x set of fixings

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