Blagdon Anti-Fungus & Bacteria 1000ml

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Blagdon Anti-Fungus & Bacteria 1000ml

Blagdon Anti-Fungus & Bacteria 1000ml –

Fast effective treatment for cotton wool like fungus, fin rot, mouth rot and external bacterial problems.

Treating pond fish for fungal and external bacterial infections such as: cotton wool fungus, fin rot and mouth rot/fungus.

Key Features:

  • This treatment acts against fungus and bacteria such as: fin rot, mouth fungus, mouth rot (flexibacter columnaris) and cotton wool fungus (saprolegnia).

Size: 1000ml

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Blagdon products are a well-established name in the world of pond keeping.  The range has also been made to be as easy to install and operate as possible, leading the way in usability for amateurs and pros alike.

All Blagdon products are designed in the UK by a British development team and are thoroughly tested in-house.

This way, we ensure that we know the ins and outs of every product, so we can provide the highest quality equipment to all of you.

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