Blagdon Pump Minipond Pre Filter Foam



Blagdon Pump Minipond Pre Filter Foam

Blagdon Pump Minipond Pre Filter Foam –

Quality-developed by Blagdon, Minipond Pre Filter Foams, designed for use in the Blagdon Minipond Pumps.

The pre-filter media helps to trap large particles in your pond water whilst also supporting mechanical and biological activity by expanding the area for bacteria to colonize in.

Frequent changes of active filter media can therefore be reduced.

Can also reduce nitrates quickly and efficiently from your pond water. The Blagdon Minipond Pre Filter Foams encourage a healthier environment for fish and plants by collecting harmful toxins within the water and is surely perfect for all pond set-ups.

Pre Filter Foams available:

  • 700 Prefilter Foam
  • 900 Prefilter Foam
  • 2000 Prefilter Foam

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Blagdon products are a well-established name in the world of pond keeping, and have also made their range to be as easy to install and operate as possible, leading the way in usability for amateurs and pros alike.

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700 Prefilter Foam – MPN : 1017862,
900 Prefilter Foam – MPN : 1017879,
2000 Prefilter Foam – MPN : 1040501

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Pre Filter Foams

700 Prefilter Foam, 900 Prefilter Foam, 2000 Prefilter Foam