Blagdon Minipond 700 Fountain Pump

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Blagdon Minipond 700 Fountain Pump

Blagdon Minipond 700 Fountain Pump –

Compact pond pump to run fountains. High performance, economical pump that requires low maintenance.

High quality pumps manufactured with advanced technology. Designed specifically to run pond fountains and water features. Powerful motors are easy to maintain, having a single moving part impeller system, featuring highly wear-resistant ceramic shaft design.

Key Features:

  • Low running cost
  • A comprehensive range of fountain heads, fittings and adjusters included
  • Advanced foam-free pre-filter cage
  • Optional pre-filter foam also reduces daisy jet blockage
  • 3 year guarantee

You should locate the Minipond pump on a firm and level base in the pond/water feature in a depth of at least 10 cm, but no more than 1.25m (700) 2m (900/1600).

It is advisable to keep the pump off the bottom of pond to avoid silt entering the pump causing excessive wear and also increasing pre-filter cleaning.

Pack contains:

  • Minipond 700
  • 3 x fountain heads – Daisy Super, Single Daisy, Water bell
  • 5 x fountain extension pipes
  • 2 x threaded hose adapters (½ and ¾)
  • Pre-filter foam
  • 10 metre cable

Blagdon team are an incredibly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate team of water gardeners. Our aim is to arm our customers with the best tools for the job to then make sure everyone can find success and enjoyment from bringing water into their garden.

Spanning ponds and water features, Blagdon seek to support water gardeners in all areas, making their dreams a reality. With a combined experience of well over 100 years in the hobby, pond keeping is a passion for us not just what we do for a living!

Our personal enjoyment of this hobby has driven innovation, creating some of the most unique technologies and products for ponds and water features.

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