Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel

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Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel

Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel comprises millions of live bacteria especially developed for the start-up and maintenance of all biological filtration systems through nitrification. It has been developed for use in filter systems, with the gel formula allowing bacteria to adhere to filtration media more effectively.

Absolute Bio-Gel shortens the time it normally takes to fully mature a filter system, normally around 6-8 weeks, but with Absolute Bio-Gel it can be shortened to around 2-4 weeks. Also ideal to use after replacing a filter or increasing the volume of water.

Absolute Bio-Gel bacteria is 100% natural, certified free from all pathogens and is easy to use. You cannot overdose with Absolute Bio-Gel.

Key Features

  • A gel formula comprising of millions of live bacteria
  • Ideal for new systems, maturing your pond much quicker
  • 100% natural, free from pathogens

Dosing: 1l treats 10,000l of pond water.

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Cloverleaf Absolute Bio Gel 1l – MPN : BG1LTR

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