Cloverleaf Absolute Repti-Vet Sanitiser Spray


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Cloverleaf Absolute Repti-Vet Sanitiser Spray

Cloverleaf Absolute Repti-Vet Sanitiser Spray –

A ready to use rapid-acting biocide for protection against algae, yeast, Bacteria (Gram+/-Gram), viruses and fungal growth.

Absolute Reptile Sanitiser is used for hard surface disinfection and cleaning of lightly soiled areas such as:

  • Quarantine areas, Vivarium’s, Snake racks and food preparation areas also for the sterilisation of animal-related equipment

It is Safe to use around Vivariums, Racks, Aquariums, Ponds, around the Pet and Home Environment.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Non-scented for routine use.
  • 100ml

How to use:

Using spray trigger lightly mist surfaces that are intended to be sanitized wait 5 minutes allowing

Ab-reptile Sanitizer to work, Then take a paper towel and dry.

Do not spray on Animals care should be taken when using around amphibians ensure all residue is removed before returning the animal to its enclosure.

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