Colombo Aqua Start Combi Pack 250ml

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Colombo Aqua Start Combi Pack 250ml

Colombo Aqua Start Combi Pack 250ml –

Aqua Start detoxifies the water, it removes chlorine and protects your fish.

The necessary water changes will change the composition of the aquarium water which can cause health problems to the fish.

The use of aqua start helps to prevent these problems by making tap water suited for aquariums. Bacto Start contains living bacteria and will start and improve the performance of your aquarium filter.

Ammonia is produced by fish in the aquarium. Raising ammonia levels are very harmful for the fish and can even cause mortalities. In the filter bacteria convert ammonia into Nitrite. Nitrite is very harmful as well but is on it’s turn converted by bacteria into the harmless Nitrate.

Check ammonia – nitrite and nitrate values regularly to check if your filter is performing well. Especially during the start of a new aquarium and after a thorough clean-up it is very important to check these values frequently.

The start-up of a new aquarium will take app. 4 weeks.


  1. Fill the aquarium with water, add Aqua Start to the water and Bacto Start to the filter material.
  2. After livestock has been added to the aquarium, a weekly water change of 20% needs to be made, add Aqua Start after every water change.
  3. Check the ammonia and nitrite levels twice a week, make an additional water change if these values are too high. After app. 14 days the ammonia levels will no longer rise, the ammonia test will indicate a value between 0 and 0,5 mg/l. The nitrite level can still become too high, in order to keep the nitrite level low, for the first fortnight do a weekly water change of 20% and add Aqua Start. After the start-up, follow the Colombo maintenance system to keep your aquarium clean and healthy.

Contents: Aqua start 250ml & Bacto Start 250ml

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