Colombo Medic Box

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Colombo Medic Box

Colombo Medic Box –

The Colombo Medic Box is a complete set for the treatment of wounds and ulcers on pond fish.

An adequate treatment of wounds on pond fish is essential for a good and quick recovery. If a wound is not treated well, it might become infected, necessitating a further treatment with antibiotics.

The Colombo Medic Box contains a dropper bottle with anaesthetic, hydrogen peroxide for wound disinfection, Colombo Propolis wound spray, cotton buds and gloves.

Key Features:

  • Complete fish ulcer & wound treatment kit
  • Includes anaesthetic, wound cleaner and propolis wound spray
  • Also includes gloves, cotton buds and full instructions

Short directions: Add 20 drops per 10 litres of the anaesthetic in a bowl with water and put in the fish. As soon as the fish is completely anaesthetised, remove it from the water and put it on a wet towel.

Clean the wound thoroughly with the hydrogen peroxide and nourish the wound with the wound spray.

Subsequently return the fish to the pond. Observe the until it is completely recovered.

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