Country Value Adult Greyhound 15kg

Country Value Adult Greyhound 15kg –

A complete working feed carefully formulated for greyhounds.

Provides balanced nutrition to ensure optimum condition for greyhounds, tailored to their nutritional requirements.

Carefully formulated to provide complete nutrition meeting the tailored needs of working greyhounds.

It contains only quality ingredients, ensuring nutrition at its best.

It also provides balanced levels of essential protein, fats, carbohydrates and fibre, blended with key vitamins and minerals.

This will then ensure optimum health, whilst remaining free from all artificial colours and flavours.

Key Features:

  • Carefully formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition for all greyhounds, working and active dogs at rest
  • High quality protein (19%) for muscle development and growth
  • Tasty wholegrain cereals to also provide quality carbohydrates for essential slow-release energy and stamina
  • Tasty vegetables for essential dietary fibre, promoting healthy digestion
  • Key vitamins and minerals to then support optimum health and condition
  • Delicious flavour for high palatability
  • VAT free

Contents/Weight: 15 kg.

Designed for daily feeding to ensure your greyhound remains fit, healthy and active throughout adult life.

It ensures health and vitality, with essential protein and amino acids for muscle development and growth.

It also contains delicious cereals to provide quality carbohydrates and slow-release energy with vegetables for essential dietary fibre to promote healthy digestion.

This will then ensure your dog has all the building blocks for a successful working life, lasting stamina and optimum condition.

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg