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Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter


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Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter

Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter is an innovative polishing system for ponds. The Tempest Filter uses the latest filtration media, K+Media, to deliver crystal clear, healthy water. 

Designed to be used in conjunction with any filtration system, the Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter offers additional mechanical and biological filtration. The Tempest Filter can be installed on a variety of set-ups and can be used on quarantine systems or as a standalone filter on smaller ponds up to 5,000 Litres / 1,100 Gallons.

During the cleaning process, air is drawn into the filter as it empties which causes the water to agitate, effectively cleaning the K+Media. Using Evolution Aqua’s K+ Media as the filter media, particles down to one micron can be filtered. On a single pass, testing has proven our media capable of removing all particles down to 25 micron when used at the optimum flow rate. Not only that, K+ Media is the result of extensive research and development and is moulded with minerals for faster maturation times.

How it works:

  • Water is pumped up through the Tempest Filter. The K+ Media moves to the top of the filter, becoming a mechanical barrier that traps debris as it flows through the system. Waste is trapped in the K+ Media until the cleaning cycle dislodges it and it gets flushed away.
  • The Tempest Filter can be cleaned in matter of minutes, by simply turning the pump off, closing slide valves and opening the waste valve tap.

The EazyPod Tempest Filter can be installed in a number of ways on your pond system, including as a gravity-fed filter, on a pressurised system, and also as a standalone filter on ponds up to 5,000l. It can even be used in conjunction with multiple Tempests in a modular system.

Dimensions: 1130mm x 355mm – see image for detailed specifications

Key Features:

  • Easy to install and clean, improving water quality and clarity
  • Includes 7l of K+ Media
  • Filters down to 1 micron
  • Produces a stable bio-film
  • Can be used as standalone, or in conjunction with any pond filtration system

The EazyPod Tempest Filter is suitable for ponds up to 5,000l (1,100 gallons) as a standalone filter. It has a recommended flow rate of 5,000lph, with a maximum flow rate of 7,500lph. It includes 7l of K+ Media.

  • Inlet size – 1.5″
  • Outlet size – 1.5″
  • Waste hosetail – 1″

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