SuperFish Mini Waterfall Pond Filter

SuperFish Mini Waterfall Pond Filter –

Complete with Media, Hose tail and fixings for pond liner. Brings life into your pond!

Great little waterfall feature you can place at the top of your pond to then cascade water into the pond.

Basic 20 cm wide waterfall. You can easily connect several boxes together. Also complete with hose connection and filter sponge.

A great way to create water movement in your pond!

How to use:

  • Attach your pond pump (not included) to the filter via the included 19/25mm connection, through the hole provided at the back of the filter.
  • Place the filter foam which is included into the back chamber of the filter and then layer with stones or pebbles to make it blend into your environment.
  • Water enters the back chamber, and once full, spills out over the waterfall ledge into the pond creating a gentle cascade.

Dimensions: 25 cm (D) x 19 cm (W) x 15 cm (H)

With SuperFish, pond keeping is simple and affordable. We provide complete pond filters, energy efficient pumps, UV algae control, pond aeration, fish foods and also convenient pond and Koi accessories!

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