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Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II Misting System


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Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II Misting System

Exo Terra Monsoon Multi II Misting System –

This is programmable and suitable for all types of terrariums and greenhouses. It aids in the maintenance of optimal humidity by generating a fine mist at predetermined intervals, easily adjusted depending on the type of animal or plant you keep. Misting frequently encourages breeding behaviour and is required when keeping such things like live tropical plants eg/ Bromeliads, orchids, mosses, and so on. The system can be set to mist several times per 24-hour cycle, with durations of spray ranging from 2 seconds to 2 minutes. To ensure continuous operation without need for refilling for several days, it is a large 8L (2 gallon) reservoir. This can be easily replenished without requiring the entire system to be uninstalled.

Key Features:

Programmable misting unit for terrariums and greenhouses

• Cycle Timer

• Easy to connect and install

• Strong 4,5 BAR / 65.25 PSI water pressure pump

• Flexible spray nozzles (up to 6!) can be pointed in any direction

• Pressure resistant Polyether tubing & leak-proof connectors

• Large 8 liter (2 gallon) reservoir filler cap with water-recirculation inlet

• Sloping Top: Easy to refill

• Easy to install tubing; fits through the wire/tube inlets featured on all Exo Terra Terrariums


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