Felix Senior 7+ Mixed Selection in Jelly 12 x 100g


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Felix Senior 7+ Mixed Selection in Jelly 12 x 100g

Felix Senior 7+ Mixed Selection in Jelly 12 x 100g –

Wet cat food, rammed with tender deliciousness.

Each fishy and meaty chunk served in a savoury jelly that cats love, and best of all, they’re also full of goodness too!

All of our recipes contain 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats.

This will ensure they get everything they need from their diet in order to stay happy, healthy, and full of mischief.

We also add nutrients including omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins D and E, and a mineral blend to every meal for their health.

Delight your cat’s senses with our Felix cat food and treats range.

Key Features:

  • Designed for senior cats of age 7+ to keep them healthy and supported in their older years.
  • We add all the nutrients they need, including omega 6, minerals, and vitamins D and E for their health.
  • Contains four delicious recipes (lamb, chicken, tuna, and trout) for variety.
  • Designed by our expert pet nutritionists, using only quality ingredients.
  • Easy-to-serve pouches then make mealtimes easier and more convenient.

Our Mixed Selection in Jelly includes four brilliant recipes with lamb, chicken, tuna, and trout – so your cat can take their pick from delicious meat or fish dishes.


Contents/Weight: 12 x 100g         Flavours in Pack: Lamb, Trout, Tuna, Chicken

To satisfy the needs of your loveable, mischievous rascal, discover the irresistible range of Felix cat food and treats.

Discover tasty meals that look like food you might have cooked yourself with sensational combinations of textures and flavours.

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