Fluval G Nodes Biological Filtration Media

Fluval G Nodes Biological Filtration Media –

Fluval® ceramic G-Nodes feature a complex pore system where beneficial bacteria will thrive.

With more capacity and a special shape that enables them to be compacted tightly within the Fluval® G filter baskets, the G-Nodes enhance biological nitrification, and help reduce ammonia and nitrite.

Following the mechanical and chemical cleaning, water enters into the biological filtration.

Specially engineered and manufactured, the tunnels and caves of the G-Nodes can accommodate billions of nitrifying bacterial, essential for active biological filtration.

The true power of the Fluval G cartridge system is the combination of filter design and filtration media options. The combination provides maximum flexibility when managing the aquatic environment.

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Fluval G Nodes Biological Media – MPN : A414