Fluval G Series Filtration Media

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Fluval G Series Filtration Media

Fluval G Series Filtration Media –


FLUVAL G6 / G3 Pre-filter Cartridge

We design it to trap debris in suspension, for example it provides effective mechanical filtration in fresh or marine applications.

It has a no by-pass structure, as a result it means debris remains caught between each pleat until it is removed and rinsed.

Fluval® G’s effective pre-filtration process subsequently means that less solid waste is solubilised in the aquarium water, which results in less waste accumulation and improved chemical and biological filtration efficiency.

For extended use, we recommend cleaning the cartridge at least every 2-3 weeks.


FLUVAL Phosphate Cartridge

The Fluval® Phosphate adsorbing cartridge will rapidly remove up to 3900 mg of phosphate ion from marine or fresh water aquariums.


FLUVAL Nitrate Cartridge

The Fluval® Nitrate adsorbing cartridge will remove up to 24000 mg of nitrate ion in fresh water aquariums.

Above all nitrate concentration should not exceed 20 mg/L in freshwater aquariums.

Planted aquariums require approximately 5 mg/L of nitrate as a source of nitrogen for healthy plant growth.


FLUVAL Tri-X Cartridge

Fluval® Tri-X 3-in-1 cartridge is for use in the Fluval® G Filter. Combining the binding power of Fluval® G phosphate, nitrate and carbon, Tri-EX is an all-in-one pollution management solution for freshwater aquariums, moreover, with the continued use of Tri-EX, nitrates, phosphates and organic pollutant remain under control.


Fluval Chemical Cartridge

Fluval G Re-usable Chemical cartridges are for use with the Fluval G advanced filters.

We design the cartridges to hold most loose or granule chemical filter media down to 0.2mm in diameter and provide maximum versatility for the hobbyist.

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G3 Pre Filter – A415

G6 Pre Filter – A416

G3 Phosphate – A419

G6 Phosphate – A420

G3 Nitrate – A421

G6 Nitrate – A422

G3 Tri-X – A423

G6 Tri-X – A424

G6 Chemical – A426

G3 Fine Pre-Filter – A417


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