Fluval Moss Ball

Fluval Moss Ball –

Helps create ideal aquarium conditions for small fish and shrimp. It does this by adsorbing and trapping phosphate and nitrite.

It also helps reduce aquarium maintenance by deterring the growth of many of the compounds that cause the unsightly buildup of organic matter.

The Moss Ball also serves as an attractive decorative addition to aquariums.

  • Creates ideal aquarium conditions for small fish and shrimp
  • Adsorbs and also traps phosphate and nitrite
  • Reduces aquarium maintenance
  • An attractive decorative addition

Designed for freshwater shrimp or fish aquariums. It is effective for up to 2 months and also treats 30 to 60 L (10 to 20 U.S. gal.) aquariums.

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Fluval Moss Ball – MPN : A1344