Fluval Sea Circulation Pumps & Skimmer



Fluval Sea Circulation Pumps & Skimmer

Fluval Sea Circulation Pumps & Skimmer –

The Fluval Sea Circulation Pumps have a compact and innovative design, due to this, it minimises tank intrusion, maximises energy efficiency and delivers a smooth broad stream of ocean-like current.

These efficient circulation pumps are easy to install, as well as providing outstanding indirect water currents to assist in the development of corals.


Key Features:

  • Simulates natural reef currents
  • Adjustable flow direction
  • Exceptional hydraulic performance, in addition, the lowest energy consumption/LPH ratio
  • Super quiet compared to most models
  • Safe to use with timer system (will not cause pump failure unlike many competitive models)
  • Secure, yet not to mention, flexible aquarium mounting
  • Compact, efficient, and also easy maintenance
  • Gentle, even flow compared to many competitors


Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer –

The Fluval Sea Internal Protein Skimmer has a relatively small size and ultra-silent performance. As a result it delivers an astoundingly large amount of organic removal. The skimmer provides specifically what every marine aquarium requires-pure reef-like water conditions.

The skimmer features an easy to maintain design that in fact splits into two halves to allow for full easy access cleaning; as well as an easy adjust skimming control mechanism and multi venturi impeller for superior performance.


Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Ultra silent performance
  • Big skimmer organic removal capacity
  • Super low energy consumption
  • Unique multi-venturi impeller
  • Turbine Air Injection System – to clarify, a 24 blade turbine
  • Can be taken apart easily for quick cleaning
  • Easy-to-adjust air intake, in addition to skimming intensity
  • Adjustable foam collector cup
  • Easily clips-on to rear of aquarium
  • Prevents bubbles from escaping skimmer system
  • For aquariums up to 170L (45 US Gal)
  • Watts: 4
  • Size: Height: 33 cm H x 12.5 cm W x 8 cm D


Pumps available:

  • CP1 1000LPH – 3.5W, 1000 LPH (265 GPH). For aquariums up to 60L (15 US Gal.).
  • CP2 1600LPH –  4W, 1600 LPH (425 GPH). For aquariums up to 100L (25 US Gal.).
  • CP3 2800LPH – 5W, 2800 LPH (740 GPH). For aquariums up to 200L (50 US Gal.).
  • CP4 5200LPH – 7W, 5200 LPH (1375 GPH). For aquariums up to 350L (90 US Gal.).
  • PS1 Protein Skimmer – 170L (45 US gal); 4 watts.


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CP1 Circulation Pump 1000LPH – MPN : 14345,
CP2 Circulation Pump 1600LPH – MPN : 14346,
CP3 Circulation Pump 2800LPH – MPN : 14347,
CP4 Circulation Pump 5200LPH – MPN : 14348,
PS1 Protein Skimmer (Aquariums up to 170L) – MPN : 14325

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