Fluval Shaker 252L Aquarium & Cabinet Slate Grey

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Includes Fluval 307 filter, Fluval M 300W heater and Fluval 24W Bluetooth LED light.

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Fluval Shaker 252L Aquarium & Cabinet Slate Grey

Fluval Shaker 252L Aquarium & Cabinet Slate Grey –


With a modern take on traditional Shaker design, the new Fluval Shaker Collection will create a stunning focal point in any home.

Features exquisite attention to detail, from soft-close panelled cabinet doors to perfectly crafted joinery.

Incredible value for money.

Behind the beautiful exterior lies cutting edge technology, including Smart app controlled lighting and also the latest Fluval External filter.

Blending traditional design with the latest tech, they will satisfy the needs of any fishkeeper!


Every aquarium kit also includes a stunning cabinet, with ample space.

Keeps your Fluval external filter (included) and all your accessories safely out of sight.

Internal cabinet shelf and built in drawer provides plenty of storage options, while soft close doors minimise vibrations and reduce stress to your fish.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 105 x 40 x 60 cm / (31.5 x 15.5 x 23.5”)     Cabinet Dimensions (L x W x H): 111 x 43 x 139 cm / (43.5 x 17 x 54.5”)

Aquarium Capacity: 252 L (66.5 US Gal)    Filter: Fluval 307 External Filter     Heater: Fluval M 300W    Lighting: Fluval 24W Bluetooth LED Light


Integrated Bluetooth LED Lighting:

Equipped with energy efficient Bluetooth LED lighting, with a bright daylight spectrum.

This will then help support plant growth and enhance fish colours to truly transform your aquarium.

All aquariums include a powerful Fluval External filter.


Integrated Heating:

Fluval Shaker aquariums also include a premium Italian-made Fluval M series heater.

Featuring an ultra-slim profile, M series is highlighted by its reflective borosilicate glass tube.

This will then allow it to blend in seamlessly with its aquatic surroundings.


Aquasky (Sold Separately):

The Fluval Aquasky offers endless colour blends.

Pairs super bright white LEDs with tri-colored LEDs (red, blue, and green).

Powerful combination provides an adjustable light spectrum. This can then replicate several natural environments.

It also creates stunning visual effects such as cloud cover, fading lunar, storm and lightning.


Please note: This aquarium is only available via “Click & Collect” due to its fragility or size.


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Fluval Shaker 252L Aquarium & Cabinet – MPN : 18389

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