Hikari Tropical Massivore Delite

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Hikari Tropical Massivore Delite

Hikari Tropical Massivore Delite –

An x-large pellets for your monster fish offering superior benefits over live foods.

Key Features:

  • Superior Benefits Over Live Foods: Specially developed for the needs of most carnivorous fish, without the potential for parasite or bacteria transfer common with live foods.
  • Extremely Palatable: Developed after extensive study and analysis of the sense of sight, smell and taste of numerous carnivorous fish.
  • An X-Large Pellet Big Fish Love: A porous pellet that softens quickly by rapidly absorbing water.
  • Natural Beauty They Desire: Most monster fish come from natural environments high in UV which promotes vibrant coloration.

Size: 380g

Feeding: Feed once a day, an amount your fish will eat within a few minutes.

Carnivorous fish may resist a new type of food when changing from live foods or less protein rich diets, continued use will assure acceptance.

Care should also be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after the feeding period.

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We recommend Hikari Massivore Delite Pellets as a daily diet for super-sized bottom feeding carnivorous fish especially red-tailed cats, sharks, polypterus(bichirs), eels, and carnivorous plecostmus that are normally fed live foods.

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