Oase AquaActiv AlGo Universal-Algae EX 500ml


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Oase AquaActiv AlGo Universal-Algae EX 500ml

Oase AquaActiv AlGo Universal-Algae EX 500ml –

A universal algal destroyer and fights both string algae and slime algae as well as other types of algae.

It acts throughout the pond within two to three weeks and is therefore suitable for areas that are difficult to access.

When used properly, AlGo Universal is well tolerated by plants or pond inhabitants. The ideal time to use it is when algae growth begins.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • 500ml treats up to 10000L of water
  • Active against the most common algae species
  • Counteracts stubborn algae infestation
  • Effective and long-acting
  • Prevents further algae growth
  • Contributes significantly towards an algae-free pond


Remove as much algae as possible prior to use in order to avoid unnecessary oxygen deprivation.

Ensure an adequate supply of oxygen. Shake bottle vigorously before use. Using the measuring cup, add 50ml to 1000 litres of pond water and distribute evenly.

Additional dosage of half of the quantity is recommended after approx. 4 weeks in cases of strong algae growth.

Takes effect within approx. 2 to 3 weeks (assuming metabolic activity on the algae).

Remove dead algae manually. Switch off UVC equipment for 10 days during application.

Pond plants may develop brown spots in rare cases, which disappear again quickly however.

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