HugglePets Arctic Armour Dog Coat Complete Set Deal


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HugglePets Arctic Armour Dog Coat Complete Set Deal

HugglePets Arctic Armour Dog Coat Complete Set Deal –

In this deal you will get 2 of each colour and size.

Face the winter weather with confidence in the new Arctic Armour Dog Coat from HugglePets.

This all-in-one approach to keeping dogs warm and toasty in those wintry outings is something we’ve developed with care and precision, so that every pup donning one of our coats in the cold will be looked after. And with a cosy, thermal-lined microfleece layer on the inside and waterproof fabric layer on the outside, this is one to keep tails wagging no matter how ‘ruff’ it gets.

Microfleece is known for its insulating properties, as it traps air close to the body and then creates a barrier against the cold. This helps to maintain your pup’s body heat, keeping them warm even in lower temperatures.

Despite its insulating capabilities, microfleece is lightweight which prevents the coat from becoming too bulky or cumbersome for your pet to wear and stops them from overheating.

A feature we’re proud of is the Anti-Shred™ Fabric. This use of ripstop technology helps to maintain the integrity of the coat for as long as possible. This is why we felt ‘armour’ was the best way to describe it. Not only does the collar even rolls up for that extra bit of lovely warmth, but the coat even provides underbelly protection. This is helpful for avoiding a messy dog and an unneeded wash after walkies.

The waist is adjustable with a hook-and-loop strap, keeping things fit and snug no matter how much kibble your pup has helped themselves to over the summer. It also includes a waterproof zipper for attaching to a harness or collar underneath. This then means it’ll work in conjunction with all other essential dog walking accessories. And double-stitched straps can simply go around their back legs, giving you the choice to secure the coat on all fronts. Sorted.

Sizes in deal:

  • XS (30 cm)
  • Small (35 cm)
  • Medium (40 cm)
  • Large (50 cm)
  • XL (60 cm)

Colours in deal:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange

Something extra special about this coat, which we absolutely love, is the reflective silver lining around the whole perimeter that’ll make any dog stand out. All it takes is the glimmer of a streetlight or the flash of nearby headlights to make them stand out and dazzle in the dark. And, because it covers the whole coat, you’re guaranteed 360°-degree coverage.

The HugglePets Arctic Armour Dog Coat comes in Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Pink and Purple. A great selection for styling your dog’s outfit to your heart’s content, and the same beautiful colours found in the other leads, collars, harnesses, etc. in our range. If you’ve got multiple dogs of the same breed, this is a great way to tell them apart!

To measure your dog for fitting the coat, simply go from their collar to the base of their tail.

Did you know that the HugglePets Arctic Armour Dog Coat comes with a Lifetime Guarantee? Find out more here!

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XS Blue – MPN: 809026
Small Blue – MPN: 809088
Medium Blue – MPN: 809149
Large Blue – MPN: 809200
XL Blue – MPN: 809262
XS Purple – MPN: 809019
Small Purple – MPN: 809071
Medium Purple – MPN: 809132
Large Purple – MPN: 809194
XL Purple – MPN: 809255
XS Pink – MPN: 809002
Small Pink – MPN: 809064
Medium Pink – MPN: 809125
Large Pink – MPN: 809187
XL Pink – MPN: 809248
XS Black – MPN: 808999
Small Black – MPN: 809057
Medium Black – MPN: 809118
Large Black – MPN: 809170
XL Black – MPN: 809231
XS Orange – MPN: 808982
Small Orange – MPN: 809040
Medium Orange – MPN: 809101
Large Orange – MPN: 809163
XL Orange – MPN: 809224
XS Red – MPN: 808975
Small Red – MPN: 809033
Medium Red – MPN: 809095
Large Red – MPN: 809156
XL Red – MPN: 809217