HugglePets Air Mesh Dog Harness Set Deal


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HugglePets Air Mesh Dog Harness Set Deal

HugglePets Air Mesh Dog Harness Set Deal –

In this deal you will get 1 of each size and colour.

Leave room for comfort with the HugglePets Air Mesh Harness.

This is a complement to dog walking that takes into consideration how much breathability is needed when exercising, and ensures a fit that’s breezy, easy-to-use, and secure. Equipped with an adjustable waist so even if your dog grows heavier or lighter, there’ll be plenty of wiggle room for them regardless.

Fit the harness by pulling the top part over your dog’s head gently, so the logo is on their frontside. Then, fasten the buckle on the back and adjust it to your desired length – you’ll know when the harness is fit right when you can fit two fingers comfortably beneath the harness and your dog’s neck, without there being too much or too little room.

Finally, attach your dog’s lead to the welded D ring.

Something extra special about this harness, which we absolutely love, is the reflective silver lining around the whole perimeter that’ll make any dog stand out. All it takes is the glimmer of a streetlight or the flash of nearby headlights to make them stand out and dazzle in the dark – and because it covers the whole coat, you’re guaranteed 360°-degree coverage.

The lightweight, breathable fabric is also fully machine washable at 30°C.

Sizes in deal:

  • Extra Small (28-40 cm)
  • Small (34-45 cm)
  • Medium (44-57 cm)
  • Large (53-74 cm)

Colours in deal:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Orange

The HugglePets Air Mesh Harness comes in Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Pink and Purple – a great selection for styling your dog’s outfit to your heart’s content, and the same beautiful colours found in the other leads, collars, harnesses, etc. in our range.

If you’ve got multiple dogs of the same breed, this is a great way to tell them apart!

You can find which is the right size for your dog by measuring the widest part of your dog’s chest and choose which harness size meets that measurement. Try to ensure that the harness does not rub against your dog’s armpits.

If you’re unable to fit this properly, you might want to try the HugglePets Step-in Air Mesh Harness instead – as the name suggests, all they have to do is step into this one rather than have it pulled over their neck. Ideal for those with larger heads or head-shy dogs.

Did you know that the HugglePets Air Mesh Harness comes with a Lifetime Guarantee? Find out more here!

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Black XS – MPN: 808432
Red XS – MPN: 808449
Purple XS – MPN: 808456
Blue XS – MPN: 808463
Pink XS – MPN: 808470
Orange XS – MPN: 808487
Black S – MPN: 808494
Red S – MPN: 808500
Purple S – MPN: 808517
Blue S – MPN: 808524
Pink S – MPN: 808531
Orange S – MPN: 808548
Black M – MPN: 808555
Red M – MPN: 808562
Purple M – MPN: 808579
Blue M – MPN: 808586
Pink M – MPN: 808593
Orange M – MPN: 808609
Black L – MPN: 808616
Red L – MPN: 808623
Purple L – MPN: 808630
Blue L – MPN: 808647
Pink L – MPN: 808654
Orange L – MPN: 808661