HugglePets Dog Travel Seat Belt


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HugglePets Dog Travel Seat Belt

HugglePets Dog Travel Seat Belt –

Fasten in for a fun drive with your pooch with the HugglePets Travel Seat Belt. The ideal way to secure your dog in the car for those long road journeys.

Not only is it adjustable on both ends to find the sweet spot for your canine car companion, but a strong swivel trigger lets you lock in your dog’s harness with no fuss and the utmost security. And the loop at the top of the belt simply fastens around any of the headrests to keep them positioned.

The HugglePets Travel Seat Belt fully complies with the Highway Code’s regulations, specifically Rule 57, as it allows a dog to be suitably restrained behind the driver or passenger seat of the car without the risk of them distracting or injuring the driver.

Available in Black, nicely matching the other seatbelts in your vehicle and hopefully making your dog feel like another member of the road trip bunch. And it’s a universal size, so no worrying about size guides and measuring your pup.

Whether it’s taking them to the vet, the park, the groomer’s or a doggy play date, you’ll no doubt find it a relaxing drive knowing that everyone is safe and secure with the Travel Seat Belt from HugglePets. So get into first gear and make some great memories with your pup!

Colour: Black        Size: 18 – 31 cm (range that length you can adjust)

If your dog is new to the car and seems nervous during long drives or high-speed journeys, start small with drives round the corner or to the shops to warm them up to the car’s motions.

NOTE: NOT for use as a constant tether, nor should you ever leave your dog unattended in the car.

Did you know that the HugglePets Travel Seat Belt comes with a Lifetime Guarantee? Find out more here!

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