HugglePets Legacy Leather Set Deal


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HugglePets Legacy Leather Set Deal

HugglePets Legacy Leather Set Deal –

In this deal you will get 1 of each colour and size collar and 4 of each colour lead.

The HugglePets Legacy Leather Range – trusty accessories made of leather for dog owners who love that traditional, quality material.

At HugglePets, we believe in quality materials that give our products an edge, not just in calibre but in character. That’s why our leather is produced right here in Great Britain and made by hand with care. Crafted by experts, using over 40 years of family-taught experience to deliver pure excellence for canines all over the UK – a legacy we’re proud to be a part of.

The legacy of this range is truly formed from elegance, striving to match that classic country feel for a new generation of pups. And it’s still as easy as ever to fit.

Three great colours, handpicked by us as we wanted the range to have that classic and traditional heritage feel, while still being a premium product at its core – a sleek and powerful Black, an organic and outdoorsy Chocolate, and a rich and refined Merlot.

Collar sizes:

  • X Small (25 – 30 cm)
  • Small (30 – 35 cm)
  • Medium (35 – 40 cm)
  • Large (40 – 45 cm)
  • X Large (45 – 50 cm)
  • XX Large (50 – 60 cm)

Lead Size:

  • 100 x 1.9 cm


  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Merlot

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X Small, Black Collar – MPN: 809545
Small, Black Collar – MPN: 809576
Medium, Black Collar – MPN: 809606
Large, Black Collar – MPN: 809637
X Large, Black Collar – MPN: 809668
XX Large, Black Collar – MPN: 809699
X Small, Chocolate Collar – MPN: 809538
Small, Chocolate Collar – MPN: 809569
Medium, Chocolate Collar – MPN: 809590
Large, Chocolate Collar – MPN: 809620
X Large, Chocolate Collar – MPN: 809651
XX Large, Chocolate Collar – MPN: 809682
X Small, Merlot Collar – MPN: 809521
Small, Merlot Collar – MPN: 809552
Medium, Merlot Collar – MPN: 809583
Large, Merlot Collar – MPN: 809613
X Large, Merlot Collar – MPN: 809644
XX Large, Merlot Collar – MPN: 809675
Black Lead – MPN: 809729
Chocolate Lead – MPN: 809712
Merlot Lead – MPN: 809705