JBL Cleany

JBL Cleany –

Double-ended hose brush for hoses with 12-30 mm diameter.

Food and plant remains and metabolic products also create pollution in the aquarium water.

By cleaning the tank and accessories and by carrying out regular partial water changes, your aquarium inhabitants will stay happy and you will enjoy your aquarium more too.

JBL’s double-ended hose brush has a highly flexible steel helix with brushes at both ends and also ensures clean hoses and therefore 30 % more filter performance.

Regular cleaning surely maintains the biological balance in the aquarium and averts a loss of filter performance.

The internal soiling of the hoses is not only caused by algae, it is also caused by normal biological processes.

Bacterial lawns form on the inside of the plastic surface, which is not too much of a problem for the fish.

But this “slimy” coating reduces, as already mentioned, the water flow by up to 30 %!

Key Features:

  • For clean hoses on filter and pumps to prevent output reduction caused by soiled hoses
  • Easy to use: push matching end of hose brush through the hose and clean
  • 160 cm long – cleaning of all hoses with 12 to 30 cm internal diameter (fits, for instance, to ALL JBL external filters)
  • Up to 30 % more filter performance, averts a loss in performance: maintains the biological balance in the aquarium

For hoses with 12-30 mm diameter.

Package contents: 1 steel helix with small and large cleaning brush at each end, 160 cm long

Remove hose from its device, push helix with brushes at the ends through the hose and pull.

Clean about every eight weeks.

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