JBL Atvitol

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JBL Atvitol

JBL Atvitol –

Multivitamin drops for aquarium fish.

Healthy fish – healthy aquarium. Not only humans don’t feel comfortable, fish too. Transport is a common trigger for stress in fish.

Bad water values in the aquarium can also be the reason for bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Vitamin deficiency can surely be a big problem for fish nutrition. Flake and granulate foods also lose most of their vitamins 3 months after the seal is broken.

Frozen food hardly contains vitamins. That’s why fish need to be fed vitamins regularly to increase their resistance to diseases.

Contents: 1 bottle Atvitol, 50 ml

  • Multivitamins prevent deficiency symptoms. It also increases the resistance of freshwater and marine fish
  • Healthy fish. A special emulsifying process with lecithin ensures the full effectiveness of the fat-soluble vitamins
  • To use: drip multivitamins on frozen, live, freeze-dried or also dry food
  • JBL Online Hospital: gives you access to identify fish diseases

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