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JBL FilterStart

JBL FilterStart –

Bacteria for the activation of new and cleaned filters for freshwater and marine aquariums.

Fish and invertebrates surely need to feel as much at home in the aquarium as in the wild. Transform the aquarium water into biotope water for the good of your aquarium dwellers.

When setting up a new aquarium and during partial water changes the aquarium also needs beneficial bacteria to clean the water biologically and to quickly break down pollutants.

Activates new filter material, cleaned filters and filters after medication treatment, as well as clean water, and fast degrading of ammonium/ammonia and nitrite.

For water changes, setting-up new aquariums and also after fish diseases.

Bacteria starter for biological active and efficient filters. Bacteria starters contain highly active, beneficial bacteria which break down ammonium/ammonia and nitrite in the water. At the same time they also degrade fish excrement and other waste.


  • For aquarium water to suit both fish and plants. To biologically activate filters, setting up aquariums, for water changes and also for re-establishing bacteria after fish diseases. Freshwater and marine aquariums, turtle and shrimp tanks
  • For the use of new filters, after filter cleaning and the use of medication
  • A fast biological filter settling. Breakdown of ammonium/ammonia and nitrite through highly active living bacteria
  • Sufficient for 3 l filter material

Benefits of the JBL bacteria starters – Living bacteria for effective filtering

Contents: 1 pack Filterstart, 10 ml. Use: 10 ml/3 l filter material

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