JBL Spongi


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JBL Spongi

JBL Spongi –

Cleaning sponge for aquariums and terrariums.

Food and plant remains and metabolic products pollute the aquarium water.

Cleaning your tank and accessories and also carrying out regular partial water changes is good for your aquarium animals. It surely makes having an aquarium more fun for you.

JBL Spongi has been designed for cleaning the aquarium and also your terrarium. The robust cleaning sponge is residue-free, made of neutral material and also adds no pollutants to the water.

Package contents: cleaning sponge for aquariums and terrariums, Spongi, size: 11.5 x 9 cm

  • Clean aquarium or terrarium: robust cleaning sponge
  • Easy to use: move the sponge over the inner surface of the aquarium pane
  • Cleans thoroughly: residue-free sponge
  • Neutral material – adds no pollutants to the water

Length: 115 mm    Width: 90 mm

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JBL Spongi (Aquarium sponge) – MPN : 6138000