JBL Floaty II



JBL Floaty II

JBL Floaty II –

Floating glass cleaning magnet for aquariums.

Separate the swimming internal element from the external element then lay it on the water next to the aquarium pane.

Hold external element close to the aquarium pane to attract the swimming part. Move the magnet from the outside with light circular movements over the aquarium pane surface.

A protruding cleaning edge even allows access into hard-to-reach spots, such as behind technical aquarium devices. Not to mention, it reaches into corners easily without you getting your hands wet.

The edge protection, patented by JBL, protects the silicone seams with the help of angled edges. Not to mention, he swimming internal element can’t fall into the gravel, causing trapped gravel stones to scratch the pane.

There is no need to “fish around” in the aquarium any more if the inner part becomes detached from the magnet.

  • Convenient and effective cleaning of aquarium panes: glass cleaning magnet with floating internal element
  • Easy to use: float the internal element on the water at the edge of the aquarium tank, the external element will draw the internal element. Direct the magnet from the outside. Clean glass pane with circular movements
  • Convenient to use: protruding cleaning edge accesses hard-to-reach spots (e.g. behind technical equipment), as well as being able to reach into corners without getting your hands wet
  • Patented JBL edge protection: protection of aquarium silicone seals thanks to bevelled edges, swimming internal element: no scratches on the pane caused by trapped gravel stones

Package contents: glass cleaning magnet Floaty II

Sizes available (For glass):

  • Small – For glass: 6 mm
  • Medium – For glass: 10 mm
  • Large – For glass: 15 mm

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