JBL OxyTabs

JBL OxyTabs –

Oxygen tablets for freshwater aquariums.

Fish need to be as comfortable in the aquarium as they are in nature. A functioning aquarium surely has an adequate oxygen content.

Just like humans, plants, fish and invertebrates breathe too. The higher the temperature, the lower the oxygen content.

Benefits of the JBL oxygen tablets:

  • Fast increase of oxygen supply
  • Ideal for fish transport lasting max. 8 hours
  • Use for fishing and in the aquarium
  • During power cuts
  • In case of too low oxygen contents
  • Also after medication treatment

With JBL OxyTabs the oxygen level in the aquarium can then be increased for a short time – ideal for fish transport lasting max. 8 hours.

Contents: 1 packet Oxy Tabs, 50 tablets. Use: 1 tablet/10 l water

  • For a healthy oxygen content in the aquarium for freshwater fish and shrimps
  • Add tablet to the water. For 10 l water one tablet a week. For fish transport lasting max. 8 hours
  • Also ideal for fish transport lasting max. 8 hours
  • Note: oxygen tablets do not substitute an aeration of the water, they are only for a short term increase of the oxygen content

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