JBL ProFlora T3 CO2 Hose


JBL ProFlora T3 CO2 Hose

JBL ProFlora T3 CO2 Hose –

Special hose for CO2 systems in aquariums.

CO2 has a different diffusion behaviour than air. That’s why air hoses are then unsuitable for CO2 systems.

3 m, special CO2-proof hose. Diameter: 4/6 mm. Suitable for all common CO2 systems.

Not every material is suitable for CO2 gas. Although many plastic materials are suitable for air, they also have a too high permeability for CO2 gas.

Package contents: special hose, JBL T3 CO2 hose, length: 3 m, Ø 4/6 mm

  • Accessory for plant fertiliser systems: special CO2-proof hose for aquariums
  • Easy to install: connect hose to the CO2 system and diffuser (system and diffuser not included)
  • Transparent, special CO2-proof hose, for all common CO2 systems
  • Loss-free transport of CO2 gas

Hoses available in:

  • Black
  • Clear

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JBL ProFlora T3 BLACK 2 (CO2 – MPN : 6446600,
JBL ProFlora T3 CLEAR (CO2 – MPN : 6346300

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